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    Pandora Silver and Blue Zirconia Swirl Clip Charm 790380CZB official onlin

Pandora Silver and Blue Zirconia Swirl Clip Charm 790380CZB official onlin

The Pandora Silver and Blue Zirconia Swirl Clip Charm is a beautiful little essential in keeping your authentic Pandora beads and charms perfectly in place. This alluring silver bead set with elegant blue zirconia is the perfect addition to any Pandora bracelet Add some extravagance to your authe...

How would you compare Rick Perry to George W saying a lot.

Bush went to Yale Perry to Texas A He got Cs and Ds at a place Paul Begala calls cute remedial school we have in Texas. yeah, and both were cheerleaders at school. How weird is that? Very. Both were in the service. Bush in the Air National Guard and Perry in the Air Force. When Bush got out of the guard under a cloud of suspicion that he failed to fulfill his entire obligation, he went on to fail in the Texas oil business before becoming a multi millionaire off the Texas Rangers. Perry headed straight from the military to the family cotton farm and stayed there for seven years before entering Congress. Since being elected to that job, he hasn made a dime in the private sector. His checks have all come from the government. By the way, neither one of these men are cowboys, but they like to pretend. like little boys who put on cowboy hats and boots and stomp around like they on the set of the TV show As Governor, Bush was known for reaching across the aisle, whereas Perry was the opposite. Also, Bush pushed ideas and policies he didn necessarily believe in but were politically expedient. Perry on the other hand believes what he selling and has been described as looking on compromise a kind of terminal cancer. seems like there not much love lost between the Bush and Perry camps The Daily Beast reports that Karl Rove and his operatives appear to have launched a campaign to derail Perry bid for the White House. Here's my question to you: . Bush? Interested to know which ones made it on air? Howdy Jack, From a former Texan. I was telling my hubby last night that Perry is exactly like Bush, sounds like him, bobs his head like him, same ideas, same feigned religious fanaticism. All that BS, I been paying $4 a gallon for the last year, so naturally, the oil state should be doing good. Don get me started on the problems with Texas. People should be VERY afraid of this man. Brother from another mother, clone, just as goofy, swagger the same (and it doesn help), neither is representative of Texas, liars. I could go on and on. Ricky has executed more than 230 inmates and Bush whacked about 150. Ricky is clearly in a league by himself. With Bush pandora mall as president, I had one foot in Canada. If Perry wins, there goes the other foot. They are both from Texas and the best thing to come out of the State of Texas is INTERSTATE 10. Perry is apparently a Dominionist Taliban Christian, and Bush kept his religion on the down low most of the time, except when it was politically expedient. Perry seems to not be as smart, and Bush was no Mensa member. Perry has no scintilla of self control, and Bush could at least do what Rove told him. And based on his pandora make your own bracelet statements thus far, Perry is an even bigger liar, if possible. M. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Rick W. Perry and Bush are part of a sleeper cell planted by the notorious Comedy Central Team. Come on, Jack. Let forget about Rick Perry he got a 2.22 GPA from Texas A studying Animal Science. Not exactly the kind of achiever you want running the free world. The real Texan we should be talking about is Ron Paul. He finished second in the Iowa Straw Poll and sensible people can get enough of him, despite the media best attempts to snub him of any attention. He may not be young with a nice haircut or have a thundering voice, but he the only candidate right now who is true, honest, and devoted with common sense solutions to government, which is exactly what the American people need right now regardless of the politics. I am from Texas and then Governor George Bush spoke at my high school graduation. He was well liked in Texas as governor. The same cannot be said for Perry. He started at Lieutenant Governor thinking strategically Bush would win the Presidency and has held court ever since. His plans to secede from the union made news but Perry didn want Texas to be a part of the US. It seems like he at any cost wants to run a country, even if he had to make his own. Why isn someone from the national media asking him real questions. where is the proof of his results in Texas? Why would he want to govern (rule) the US when he originally wanted to secede from it? Well Jack there are more similarities between the two then differences. They both have ties to big oil. They both have access to large cash donators who will gladly donate to their causes. They were both from Texas and with that comes their limited vocabulary. They both mispronounce words that even 12 year olds should pandora bracelet promotion be able to pronounce correctly and clearly. Unfortunately for Perry, America has not forgotten Bush and the WMD that were never there. This will hurt Perry chances at a run for president. It is canny how much Perry and Bush W. are alike. Both seem to have same intelligent level which is scary. They both sound the same. Perry is a little more out on the ledge with wanting to impose his religious beliefs on others. The only difference between the two I can see is Perry is more scarier than W. Here is a man who uses the word treason which is punishable by death to describe someone. I shake in my shoes when I think of some military officer walking around with a atomic football waiting for him to squeeze the trigger. That is one trigger that needs a lot of careful thought before pulling it. It would not be the same as whipping out the gun he is known to carry and squeezing the trigger. Hello Jack. I am to busy to answer your question fully. However, if Ivy league education is an indicator of IQ. Mr. Bush rates much higher. I would not have a beer with these gentleman,as their thoughts are not original but the thinks of their spin doctors. In addition, they would not understand my comments,as my IQ of eighty is so much higher. I like to hang with people with at least twice my IQ. That is why I joined Jack herd and Wolf pack. Bush and his side Kick Tricky Prick would have never happened. Did Canada go to Iraq.. Sorry, must go and take another IQ test. Rick Perry can complete a similar to pandora jewelry sentence. Other than that they feed from the same trough and are almost identical a side from their outward appearance. Perry will talk about jobs he created, what he won say is that they are at fast food places. George W Bush probably would have vetoed the bill to make it illegal to text while driving like Perry recently did. Rick Perry is the only governor who has veto such legislation. I would not consider that an enlightened position along with so many others. Perry as president is a Pandora Box waiting to happen. I think that Perry could be an even bigger friend to the millionaires and big corporations than even Bush was and as such, a danger to this country.

He certainly no friend of the environment and most of the jobs he claims to have created in Texas have been minimum wage jobs held by hispanics and jobs related to the oil and gas industry. He already gained a reputation for his king size ego and big mouth and we certainly don need another texas cowboy who a ultra conservative Republican in the White House again. We still haven recovered from the last one yet.

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