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Iraq Survey Group report released ELEANOR HALL: But first to the damning US report on the failure of the war in Iraq and the grim assessment of how Washington might go about extracting itself.

The report from the Iraq Survey Group, of 10 Republicans and Democrats, warns there are no good options for the Bush administration on Iraq.But it recommends a reduction in US combat troops over the next 18 months and direct negotiations with Iran and Syria.In a blunt assessment of the situation, the report says stability in Iraq remains elusive and predicts dire consequences if the violence isn't brought under control.Washington Correspondent Kim Landers reports.KIM LANDERS: It was still dark, the temperature below freezing, when members of the Iraq Study Group arrived at the White House this morning to give their report to the President.George W. Bush didn't have to read far to realise there were no quick fixes.The report's first line states, "There is no magic formula to solve the problems of Iraq".(Sound of busy room and people talking)WHITE HOUSE OFFICIAL: He's going where can i buy pandora charms to give me the signal here.KIM LANDERS: A few hours later, in a room packed with journalists, the report was released publicly. Since then its 160 pages and 79 recommendations have been endlessly dissected.Larry Diamond is a senior fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution.LARRY DIAMOND: I think it's a very wise, impressive, comprehensive, learned effort. It's the best we've got. I think this is our last chance to stabilise Iraq before it slips into all out civil war.KIM LANDERS: But there's no mention of politically charged phrases like 'civil war' pandora bracelet special offers or 'victory' in the report, a deliberate omission according to co Chairman James Baker.JAMES BAKER: You probably won't find 'civil war' in here either. You won't find 'victory', but you will find 'success'. And so I think what our report says, on balance, if you read pandora stores in sydney it, is that if you implement the recommendations we make, the chances for success in Iraq will be improved.KIM LANDERS: Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh isn't impressed.RUSH LIMBAUGH: Unite the American people in defeat. Unite the American people and surrender.

The Iraq Surrender Group unite pandora charms for bracelets the American people in getting out of there.Now, they're not?this is not a cut and run document, but it does say we gotta get combat troops outta there.KIM LANDERS: The report says after nearly four years of war the situation is "grave and deteriorating", and that the current approach isn't working.

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