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History Repeats Itself in Charleston Such incredible strength.

Now, let's bring in state representative reverend Carl Anderson and former state representative bakari sellers, their colleague and friend senator clementa pinckney was among the victims of the horrific church shooting. Good morning, gentlemen. Reverend Anderson, I want to start with you, we're in front of the mother Emanuel church, you're a pastor and a state legislator. What would you say to that congregation this morning? I would say that we are praying for you and service will begin today. We just ask that they will come out and just praise god in midst of all what has happened this past week. I know you're thinking about senator pinckney, but I know you're also thinking about his children. Yes. His daughters. Yes. The children of the others lost. Well, today, it's father's day. Many people watching us this morning, getting breakfast in bed. But, their families today going without their fathers on this day, especially senator pinckney's two girls, and that is what takes a little bit out of your spirit, out of your soul. But we have to stay strong. We have to stay resilient. This community has been through so much and so much death, so much hatred. But, if senator pinckney was here, he would tell us to stand up and do not bow our head, go to church this morning and praise, worship and celebrate and so, today, we lift him up in honor, we lift up those nine families. And say it with a smile, but those angels will singing loudly during church service today. I want to move to the issue of the confederate flag that still flies near the capitol building, we heard this week, Jeb bush say bring it down, Mitt Romney say bring it down, pandora jewelry online shop will pandora sister charm that make a difference? That will not make a difference with them being outsiders. It takes the senators and the representatives of the state of South Carolina. Not only this week, I hope but in the next seven months, when we come back to the general assembly, everyone will remember this week, it will be a bipartisan bill for us to move that confederate flag, put it in a museum somewhere in Columbia, where it would be off the state capitol ground. I just hope remembers this. And everyone keep their commitment to come and deal with this when we go back into session in January 2016. And I want to ask you, representative sellers, best price for pandora bracelets how fragile do you think the progress that's been made? pandora jewelry gold I have been saying that throughout the week. February 1968, in north Carolina, we had another massacre where 27 students were wounded. My father was actually one shot that night and the history books call it the Orange massacre. My father is 70. I'm 30 years old. The unfortunate part is, we have the same shared experiences just to go back briefly to the confederate flag and what that represents, our good friend clementa pinckney is going to be laying in state, lying in state excuse me in the rotunda of the state building. 30 yards away from the confederate flag as it will fly high and wave with the slightest hint of wind. That banner, that flag may not have killed clementa, but it gave his shooter and others like him, a banner under which to justify their actions. And to me, that may be worse.

Thank you both very much for joining us this morning. Thank you very much for having this morning. Thank you, and please keep us This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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