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in the Hells Angels program This image released by Twentieth Century Fox shows Ryan Reyonlds in a scene from the film, The Producers Guild of America has nominated awards season favorites La Land, and by the Sea for its top award, as well as the R rated superhero film Winners will be announced in a Jan.

28 ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. (Joe Lederer/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. via AP) ORG XMIT: NYET201 AP PROVIDES ACCESS TO THIS THIRD PARTY PHOTO SOLELY TO ILLUSTRATE NEWS REPORTING OR COMMENTARY ON FACTS DEPICTED IN IMAGE; MUST BE USED WITHIN 14 DAYS FROM TRANSMISSION; NO ARCHIVING; NO LICENSING; MANDATORY CREDITIn part four of my series about police agent Micheal Plante, the infiltrator finally makes it into the Hells Angels program as official friend. is called into the meeting room at the East End clubhouse and asked why he wants to be a Hells Angel. It is Sept. 2004. He addresses the room. "They are all looking at me. And they k jewelers say: 'Tell us why you want to be a Hells Angel,'" Plante recalled. "I did my speech Well you know, I have been hanging around you guys. I like the camaraderie. I like what pandora charms cheap is going on around here. And I really, really want to be cheap pandora jewellery part of it. And I want to be part of the bigger thing.'" David (Gyrator) Giles asked him about the fact he had studied criminology and said he would never be able to pursue the field again. Plante said East End president John Bryce laid out how police would react to Plante now that he was in the program. "Bryce said something like, 'You are going to have a lot of heat on you now because they like to pick on us,'" Plante recalled. Giles made a final joking comment all captured on the wire Plante was wearing: "You are not going to like become a Hells Angel and then quit and write a book about us, are you?" Little did Giles know that Plante was recording the whole meeting on a police wire. I was going to wait until I read all the entire series, but I must say excellent work Kim. I know some commenters weren impressed in this story initially, but I find it very fascinating (as I sure many others do too) To be offered a glimpse of the criminal underworld is truly amazing. I remember reading years ago, your story on Ravinder Soomel, and his role in Tara Singh Hayer slaying. And even the Bal Buttar Ran A Death Squad or Scorpion Sting, when you were the first to expose the Red Scorpions hand in The Surrey Six. All great work, along with this one. Keep it up! As I said this was big project. It isn the data base that I spent time on last year and will work on again as soon as I can this year. It took a long time to arrange the interviews for this series (I first talked to Plante about it in June 2010, but we had to wait.) Then I met him a couple of months ago. Transcribing hours and hours of interviews took two weeks, then I had to write the stories another two weeks. Then I worked with others at the Sun who were developing the web site, doing graphics, video, audio etc. So it was a time consuming project in that sense. I tried to explain to people on here that I wasn always available for daily stories they wanted covered as I was working on something else. My mistake was to suggest I had an on going project that I couldn talk about as people then wanted to know what it was. In future, what I am working on will not be public until I publish so as not to create expectations, disappointment and/or criticism. Didn bite the bait either time, oh well do you really think he started hanging out with Hells Angels in the hopes he could one day be an informant, despite being repeatedly turned down while trying to be a police officer, and then later ignored multiple times while trying to be an informant? Don you find it slightly odd how much disdain he has towards HA? Even Jay Dobyns (DEA) talks about how much he loved the brotherhood and camaraderie, this is a man who dedicated his entire life to law enforcement. Dobyns whole life has been dedicated to law enforcement and he admitted he liked it. Plante says he hated being around them, yet he did so long before ever having police return his calls. What else do you think he lied about? Plante told me when I asked him that he did have moments where he thought it was kind of cool hanging around with these guys because of the way people reacted to them. But he now has distance as perspective and realizes how stupid that was. I think he thought he might infiltrate, write a book and possibly also help police. The problem with the plan was that when he started hanging out with them, he had the ins with the bikers. He didn really have the ins with the cops. So he was calling general police numbers without getting put through to the right people. And he did almost abandon the plan several times BEFORE he agreed to be an informant. When he talks about individuals guys he met in the HA, there were things he admired about some of them for example, he said Robinson was really smart and did really well in business despite little formal education. I think his comment about to be with them was more when it was an intense 24/7 thing that he couldn get out of because of the police investigation. It was very stressful. More on this will come out in part five. But I could have easily written twice as much than I did. Kim you strike me as an intelligent lady (love the plug for part 5, we are on the edge of our seats) gold pandora charms cheap and having worked this beat for considerable time I reckon you are rather street savvy,do you REALLY think he intended to be an informant the whole time? I mean the whole thing sounds real sexy and im sure movie rights are being shopped but cmon guy was/is a self admitted career loser who was rejected at almost every stage of life. Didn the cops admit they have no evidence of calls that Plante alleged to have made prior to becoming an informant (after his arrest for extortion) Dont get me wrong he did a service to society and kudos to him for that but I don think many people (especially anyone that ever came across him) truly thinks that was his intention from day 1. Being a gangster is bad, wanting to be one and turning into a stool pigeon is even worse. How many unsolved murders did he solve? (Anton a rat, but at least he gave people some closure) At least he can sleep easy knowing all of his hard work has made Vancouver a city where drugs are hard to find at the very least he can sleep easy knowing he took down ruthless thugs that were replaced by a new breed of young peaceful drug dealers mind, hopefully he at least can sleep easy You need to read more closely. There is NO mention of Glen Louie in Part 3. Glen Louie was mentioned in a breaking news story last Friday after Violette LOST his court appeal for the conviction separate story, separate issue. Here that link:And parts 1 4 would not have fit as one part into a single edition of the paper. In the actual newspaper, we are devoting two pages a day over six days, so it obviously had to be broken up into parts. 1.

Chief Bob Paulson and Chief Gyrator could be twins separated at birth, most likely not seeking a reunion anytime soon tho. 2. Kim holding an NW news mike interviewing Louie Robinson Kim is being surveilled by a cop on the roof of the cop van, one on ground too.

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