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    Minnie Mouse Headband Charm by Disney Pandora Charms sales discount

Minnie Mouse Headband Charm by Disney Pandora Charms sales discount

Kick up your heels and celebrate Minnie's signature style with her headband dangle charm in sterling silver. Her ears and signature bow are accented with 28 glistening bead-set black crystals and four micro bead-set gems.  

Harry Styles announces a world tour for 'Sign of the Times' album Video It's "Pop news" and it's Adrienne Bankert.

Let's talk about Harry styles. I like that start. We're excited because Harry and all of his thongs of female fans are chasing him down now because he is set to launch his world tour to support his studio album called "Sign of the times." Have you heard this song? pandora charm australia Great song. The former one direction singer used to 50,000 people. The can you order pandora jewelry online North American leg begins September 19th in San Francisco. And Phoenix before going overseas. Tickets on sale may 5th before his self title release on may 12th. Does he have any male fans? I'm sure he has a lot of male fans. I was speaking to the women because I am one. Fair enough. Fair, right? Okay. Young and old, everybody loves Harry styles. Speaking of another man that a lot of women are hot for. George Clooney going the distance to find a good cup of coffee. He's starring with Danny deveto. Look at him with Burt Reynolds. Going ocean's 13. He was in "Psycho" clips there. All to go in search of coffee. John candy. He's on the back of Peter fonda's motorcycle, and on sea biscuit about being amped about coffee. Look at this. I remember when I was a kid sneaking a cup of my dad's coffee at work when he was doing a radio show. It was probably 1969 or so in Cincinnati, Ohio. 8 year pandora bracelet nz olds really aren't supposed to be drinking coffee. But he gets his coffee. You'll have to watch the ad. It's pretty fun to see him in all those I love George Clooney. I love coffee. Oprah, one of the most famous women in the world of course arguably, but not everybody knows who she is. What? We have proof. The legendary talk show host running into a staffer's son during take your child to work day. Watch what happens. Ophelia. Oh my my. Oprah! Yeah, the boy did not know who she was. She finally gave him a high five. If that were Harry styles. If it was Elmo. I hope he doesn't know who Harry styles is. You never know. That's true. Good point, good point. Thank you, Adrienne. Not a problem. We all know who you are. See you right pandora the store back here tomorrow morning on "Gma." Have a great, great Saturday, everybody. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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