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    Wonderful World Bracelet by Disney Pandora Charms - 7.1' clearance event

Wonderful World Bracelet by Disney Pandora Charms - 7.1' clearance event

The perfect starting point for your Disney-themed collection, PANDORA's classic and patented silver bracelet is embellished with the Cinderella Castle and a Disney Parks engraving. 

How to Make a Necklace Adjustable Choose jump rings and chain to match the metal of your clasp.

Jump rings and jewelry making chain are both available at jewelry supply stores. Look for linked chain with links pandora charms for sale online that are between 3mm and 4mm in diameter. Chain is usually sold by the foot, and you will need about 3 inches of chain. Select round, open jump rings between 4mm and 6mm in diameter. Cut a segment of chain approximately 3 inches long with your metal cutters. Clip one of the links of the chain and remove the cut link with your jewelry pliers. Set the 3 inch length of chain aside (you'll be attaching this to the end of your necklace to make it adjustable). Remove the jump ring where you would usually attach the clasp. Open one of your new jump rings by twisting it open. Do not pull the sides apart pandora charms catalogo to open the ring because it will weaken or possibly break the metal. Loop the opened ring through the jump ring on the end of your necklace. Loop a link on the end of your 3 inch piece of chain through the same jump ring. Twist the jump ring closed and pinch it on the sides with your pliers to close the gap. Be careful not to use too much pressure or the ring will become disfigured. You should now have a 3 inch piece of chain hanging from the end discount pandora charms online of your pandora special necklace. Open another jump ring with the jewelry pliers.

Loop the jump ring through the opposite end of your linked chain and close the ring. This not only finishes the end of the chain but also makes it easier to hold while fastening the clasp. Fasten the clasp to any link in the chain for the desired length.

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