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PANDORA Silver Grand Pearl Ring 190848P official sale online

Pandora Silver Grand Pearl Ring 190848P

If the city is selling names John Owens thinks the city is onto something with its recently announced plan to sell naming rights to stuff the city owns.

Owens thinks this because he is pandora bracelet stockists an expert on the issue. Communications with the Ottawa Senators, Owens was there when the naming rights to the Palladium were sold back in 1996. Changing the Palladium to the Corel Centre was the first big naming sell in the city, and Owens has been waiting patiently for the city to follow the Senators' lead. Now that the city has decided to "aggressively" pursue the naming rights game I sat down with Owens, to ask him a few questions. What follows is an excerpt from this interview. It is expert advice, offered to the city free of charge. Question: "John, if you were selling naming rights for the city, where would you pandora charm ski start?" Answer: "The obvious place to start would be our community centres big buildings in high traffic areas. The Honda Civic Centre seems like a natural. As does the pandora rings australia Pine Crest Toothpaste Centre." "You would have a challenge, though, with facilities that have already been named after famous Ottawans. Still, I think you could work around it. We could have the Barbara Ann Scott Tissue Arena or the McNabbisco Arena. "If the money's right, I even think the Jim Duracell Arena would work." Question: "Would you only try to sell corporate names?" Answer: "Not at all. You could also market products the way a beer company features a particular brand or a car maker a specific model. Small villages would be ideal for this. What about Manotickle Me Elmo? " Question: "The city says it wants to sell naming rights not only to its facilities, but to its programs and events as well. Do you see opportunities there?" Answer: "Absolutely. It's a stroke of genius. I don't think we pay these people enough. " "City department's with marketing budgets could keep it in the family by promoting themselves on other city of Ottawa properties. That way their budget would just be turned back into city coffers, making the accounting real easy. "Remember that all the city's 30 or so arenas have canteens which introduces another category of interior signage and sponsorship. I've eaten in most of the arenas so Green Bin Snack Bars works for me." Question: "That's catchy. Can you think of other ways to promote our garbage and recycling programs?" Answer: "I could if Pandora's Box was still around. Sadly, we've missed that window of opportunity." Question: "The city says it is going to be very careful about handing out naming rights. The names have to be tasteful and appropriate. People can't misuse this opportunity. Is this a concern you share as well?" Answer: "Certainly. The city needs to be very conscious of people trying to use guerrilla marketing techniques." Question: "What do you mean by that?" Answer: "Well, the Bayshore transit station being re christened the Place d'Orleans transit station might be a problem. Ditto for the Sandy Hill Community Center selling its name to the Glebe Merchants Association. Thankfully, we have professional marketing people at the city who should catch these things. "An issue might also arise from sponsorship that is not confusing, but would seem inappropriate to some people. People might have a problem, for example, with the city's Graffiti Management Program being sponsored by Rustoleum Spray Paints, or the South March Highlands Conservation Forest being supported by Stihl Chainsaws." Question: "Good point. I hadn't thought of that." Answer: "You're not a professional name seller. I wouldn't expect you to." Question: "Aside from sports facilities cheap pandora beads and municipal programs, is there other stuff we can sell?" Answer: "Yes. Scotia Bank Street and Hollandaise Avenue would seem to be naturals. But, you have to worry about causes wanting to promote their special interest.

"Answer, "Now you're starting to get it. Would we, for example, have a problem with Anti Monarchist League Queen Street? Or Bankruptcy Trustees Campeau Ave.".

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