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home vandalized Police said a group calling itself PG72 sent an e mail to claim responsibility for the vandalism to Mayor Dean Fortin's home.

"These acts are extremely rare in Victoria and, as you can imagine, targeted attacks are very unsettling to all of those involved, regardless of who you are," said police spokesman Mike Massine."The language noted in the anonymous e mail is considered threatening and is being investigated."The number 72 was spray painted on the garage door, the letters PG were on the side of his home, and the letters ACAB an acronym for all cops are bastards were painted in red on his white car. As well, a back window of his car was smashed.In a message sent to the CBC, the group said PG stands for Pandora Green, a public park the city rezoned as a street median in October to prevent camping or shelters, and 72 represents the number of shelter beds cut in Victoria this week."If F head Fortin whines about the 'violence' inflicted upon his property, pandora bracelet gold we'll counter that he should reflect upon the fact that his own policies inflict violence and hardship on Victoria's street community every day," the e mail from PG72 said."It's time to take the fight directly to the pig politicians and give them a taste of their own medicine. You wanna keep kicking the s out of us, so we're gonna fight back and f you up. In Love And Rage, PG72."Fortin, who is also the chairman of the police board, was home with his two young children at the time of the vandalism, police said."VicPD takes these criminal acts pandora charms jewelry seriously and will investigate this cowardly incident to its fullest. Any and all parties involved in this incident will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and may face charges of intimidation and mischief under the Criminal Code," police chief Jamie Graham said.One homeless advocacy organization condemned the "misguided actions of buy pandora a few."The Victoria Cool Aid Society said Fortin "is one of the best friends of people in our palm beach jewelry community who are homeless and poor."The group also notes that 85 temporary shelter beds were lost last week, but there was a "significant increase" of permanent services, including 80 units in supported housing in the new year.As well, temporary beds have been added during the worst weather under the Victoria Extreme Weather Protocol.The president of the Concerned Citizens' Coalition also said the vandalism was unnecessary."While I have been an unrelenting critic of this mayor's heartless, strange and materialistic bridge building mania, I deplore without reservation the crude vandalism and brutish violence of the cowards responsible for the senseless damage," Gregory Hartnell said in a blog post. "There is no real justification for this vandalism."The Committee to End Homelessness said it was not involved."We can see the reasons for these attacks, but do not favour them," Phil Lyons said in the statement to the media. "When there are attacks on the homeless, like those by city council forcing desperate people off Pandora Green, this is an expected reaction."Fortin issued a brief statement saying he was "disappointed" by the vandalism."Obviously it has an impact on my family and my two young girls. However, this incident does nothing to help us solve homelessness in our community," he said.

"A lot of who I am, and why I ran for council, is to address the very issue of homelessness and affordable housing, recognizing that we needed to do more. Mayor and council continue to be dedicated to solving homelessness.".

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