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    Wonderful World Bracelet by Disney Pandora Charms - 8.3' sale discount

Wonderful World Bracelet by Disney Pandora Charms - 8.3' sale discount

The perfect starting point for your Disney-themed collection, PANDORA's classic and patented silver bracelet is embellished with the Cinderella Castle and a Disney Parks engraving. 

government censor the Internet FROM CNN Jack Cafferty: It's been a Wednesday without Wikipedia and other major websites.

As they go dark to protest two anti piracy bills in Congress, critics say these bills amount to censorship of the Internet. House and the Protect IP Act, or PIPA, now pending before the full Senate. The battle lines are drawn with Hollywood and major media companies, including CNN parent company, Time Warner, on one side and Silicon Valley on the other. The main targets are foreign websites. But Internet companies worry they could be punished for users actions. Google says YouTube would have to go dark immediately if the bill passes, saying couldn function. since content creators lose income. They dismiss accusations of censorship, saying that the bills are meant to fix a broken system that doesn prevent piracy. Supporters say this bill won hurt the average Internet user. Many in the tech world agree that piracy is a real problem, but they worry about the implications of this legislation, fearing that it a foot in the door that could lead to further government controls. Meanwhile the bills that were once expected to sail through Congress have hit rough waters. One Senate aide tells CNN that because of the growing protests, the bill might not even make it to a vote. government is so dysfunctional at this point I don think it needs to be telling me what I can and cannot see on the internet. I mean, really, censoring the internet, steroids in baseball, bullying. What else can they find to make it look like they are doing something while the country falls apart? Slippery slope alert: Censorship pandora store australia cannot be conditional. Jack, Taking someone's creative work and then selling it to make a profit is wrong. Movies and television productions are protected by case law and legislative statues, but the internet makes it easy to steal these creative works for profit. It should be stopped. Absolutely NOT. Once again, some politicians and large corporate interests are trying to control our lives. This country is supposed to be free, but is becoming more like commie Russia and pre WW2 Germany every day. It isn censorship to give the Encyclopedia Britannica and others their day in court. The foot in the door argument is nonsense, since fair use exceptions would still apply, as they do now. The last I checked, the Internet evolved from the need to keep communications infrastructure alive in time of nuclear war. While it is now pandora beads cheap prices mostly private, it is simply ignorant to not recognize that it exists within a governmental environment. They already censor radio, and television. Can they keep their sticky fingers off my internet? I calling how much do pandora bracelets cost Al Gore! Jack, you going to have to define censor. If your talking fraud by all means something could be done. However, if people knew a little more about computers besides knowing how to log onto facebook there are sites to report fraud right now. If you thinking of censoring speech there is an obstical that might cause some problems. Constitution. Last do you know how vast the internet is? Trying to censor the internet would be like trying to remove firearms from the American public. Jack the internet needs policing but not untill law enforcement finds a way to police the crooks on line first. Let stop the thugs from Georgia who hacked by credit card, who stole money from the lady down the street or the same people in China or the Phillipines who make it so I can run without several layers of expensive security. Let charm bracelets for women pandora fix that first as I tired of the dozens of emails I receive daily informing me I won the GooGoo lottery and after my bank account numbers they will send me the 1 trillion dollars. Fix that first. Earth to Jack! Earth to Jack!! Earth to Mr. Cafferty, HELLO?? where are you, on Mars? or the moon? or Pluto? JACK when I was a kid, we were so poor we couldn pay attention. I remember when I had to walk to the Library to do most of my Homework! Jack, I sure you heard of Book haven You? When I was in school, I always wished that my parents could afford ANY of those Encyclopedia Sets! Those things were Hundreds of dollars, back then. (for 1 set) The rich kids had them, but we didn And by saying rich, I mean kids with parents that worked in manufacturing, or had a job where they in with their time card, every day. After the internet started, and people was starting to buy Own Computers in their houses, those encyclopedia sets were seen in practically Every Yard Sale, not to mention in all the 2nd hand stores, Jack. I remember seeing them for 5 bucks a set, and nobody would buy them! Amazing how far we come as a society, Jack. Ask youself teh question, we safer than we were ten years ago? The answer is probably yes. And this anti piracy bill will make us safer yet. Now ask yoursefl if you are freer than you were ten years ago. The answer is probably no. Security and freedom do not seem to be mutually inclusive. It a teeter totter. Balance is difficult to achieve. I would lean toward more freedom and less security. Not everyone agrees. The decision we have to make between these two issues is probaly more important than the decision we will make for whom we want the president to be in November. If passed as is, the bill would have ripples worldwide that could facilitate the enacting of even more sever laws. The bill is only in the interest of the Media Corporations and will hurt the everyday guy. Pirates will find a way, they always do, just as criminals outside the IT world still endure to this day; this bill will mainly affect the people that actually BUY the product and use the content as intended.

People that do not understand how something works should not attempt to redesign/correct it flaws; they only end up creating more. Piracy is a problem; switching to North Korea mode isn the solution. That be like killing a bee hive with a nuclear weapon.

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