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    Pandora Single Woven Grey Leather and Silver Starter Bracelet 590705CGY-S sales discount

Pandora Single Woven Grey Leather and Silver Starter Bracelet 590705CGY-S sales discount

Capture those special moments in your life with your very own Pandora Single Woven Grey Leather and Silver Starter Bracelet. Beautifully made, this Pandora Bracelet has an integral locking clasp, that when closed becomes a bead in its own right. Ideal for adding glamour to daytime looks, it's gre...

Have Some Fun While You Fill Up the Tank Video people have to drive.

Back here on where can you get pandora bracelets "Gma" with millions pandora gold beads hitting the road there's new technology at your local gas pump to help make your jumpny a little bit more fun that we're having right here. Yesterday I got to try it out. Take a look. With nearly 90% of Americans traveling stops at the gas station are frequent but our sponsor BP fuels is bringing more fun to your local gas station with an interactive gas pump they call miles. We know that consumers tell us that pumping gas is not their favorite thing to do and so we thought we'd try and break out where to find pandora charms some Angulo and engage with interactive customers. He's playing country music. Now he's talking to me. Pick a Pandora station to play. You have five different genres to choose from. We'll go with rock. Beyond that playlist there is news headlines and my favorite weather updates and more fun to be had. Choose trivia. Do photo booth. I think we should give the photo booth a try. Let's have some fun jareds pandora charms with that. Stop laughing. I like it. A good look for you. Thanks, miles. All right. Not a very appealing picture but you can text it to your friends. These folks are sharing their anniversary. How many nears? Two years. You love him. He loves you. I love that.

Thank you very much for coming in. Thank you for having me. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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