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    Pandora Charms & Charms Bracelets Cheap Pandora2015652 online clearance

Pandora Charms & Charms Bracelets Cheap Pandora2015652 online clearance


How to Tie Sliding Adjustable Knots for Maori Necklaces Isupplied this pandora charm bracelet beads "how to tie a sliding adjustable knot"information to my customers and have received lots of great feedback, so I'm offering it to you here too.

Here you can see a Bone Manaia and alongside it, the end of its cord, showing the sliding knots. These are great, cos you don't need a clasp and you can make the length of the cord just what you want, meaning you can wear the necklace different ways depending on the clothes you want to wear it with.Step 1: Step 1Show All ItemsIn the picture, the left hand (LH)cord is Pink and the right hand (RH)cord is Off White. So imagine those are the two ends of your necklace cord.Take the end of the LHcord what stores sell pandora bracelets and charms and wrap it around the RHcord, looping it back to pandora charms silver the left as pictured. Slide the end of the RHcord over to lie alongside the main part of the pink LHcord.Show All ItemsPush the end of the LHpink cord underneath those loops and back out the RHend. Pull tight.Congratulations!You have just created your first sliding knot!Step 4: Step 4Show All ItemsIf needed, pull more of the RHcord through to the left, so you have enough to make another adjustable knot.Wrap the end of the RHcord around the LHcord, as shown.Step 5: Step 5Show All ItemsWrap that end around the two cords, wrapping towards the right at least 2 3 times.Step 6: Step 6Show All ItemsAs before, poke the end of the RHcord back towards the left and under the loops. Pull tight.Congratulations, you are all done!Trim ends if desired.The instructions for the slip knots pandora like bracelets were easy to follow and the pictures certainly helped a lot too. I was able to make myself a new necklace (pictured here) and fix an older one I broke a while back. Thank you and keep the great tips coming!Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great instructions now able to wear a pendant I given up on because the knot kept coming undone. So simple!Thanks so much for your easy to follow, nicely visual instructions. I needed a refresher on tying a sliding knot for a different application I made an adjustable hanger for my bird feeder!!! Thanks again!I was given my necklace 2 years ago and the slip knot came undone. It has been driving me crazy as I tried to keep it tied.

Now I know how to do it. Your instructions are really simple. THANKS.

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