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How to Make Movies Fullscreen on the iPad Hello.

We have our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah with eight retail locations in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. Now, I'm going to tell you how to make full screen movies on the iPad. So, the first thing we're going to do is find a video that we need to make full screen. So, I'm going to go to Safari here, and then in Safari, I'm going to go a web site that I know has videos. I'm going to type in Ted, and then I'm going to hit the dot com button, and go. I'm going to choose this one right here, Jane Fonda's "Life's Third Act". Going to load that page, and then as I move up I can hit this little play button. As I hit the play button, it's going to actually change it over from what, where the flash to a more iPad friendly video format, and it's going in this little teeny screen. We want to make it fill out the whole screen. And there's no buttons, but if I touch the window, you could see there's a small arrow and if I hit that button, it takes it full screen. Now, I can actually make it even larger. Again, we have no buttons that have shown up. But if you tap the screen, in the top right hand corner here, there's this little sell pandora jewelry arrow button again and it makes it even wider, fills out that wide screen. You do lose a little bit of video on the pandora beads outlet side but it fills out your screen completely. pandora outlet uk Now, there are some other things that we can look at here, if I go back out to my main page, and I go to something like YouTube here. If I want to play this video or a video on the side, if I just touch that video, it's buy pandora charms going to automatically start loading it in full screen.

But after that video is done, then it goes back to the smaller window and again, to make it go full screen, all I have to do is hit that same icon with the arrows going out and it goes full screen again. There you go. Again, I'm Joseph Vargo, showing you how to make full screen videos on the iPad.

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