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    Pandora Ocean Blue Earth World Globe Charm sale

Pandora Ocean Blue Earth World Globe Charm sale

Pandora Ocean Blue Earth World Globe Charm

How to Attach a Pendant to a Necklace If your pendant has a small hole in the top or if it's made from an item that can be drilled with a narrow bit a screw style bail is perfect for your project.

The simplest version looks a bit like a screw eye, with a threaded end and a loop at the top. Fancier versions add a more elegant framework instead of a simple hooked loop. Insert the screw end into the top of the pendant and twist to secure it in place. If you're concerned about it falling out, add a drop of epoxy to the tip of the screw end before inserting it into the pendant. A donut bail connects donut or washer style pendants to a necklace. These bails feature a front and back that can be pulled apart slightly so you can slide the pendant between its jaws. Press the bail closed to secure the pendant. To attach it to a necklace, run a string or chain through the top of the bail, or add a jump ring to the top of the bail; then attach the jump ring to the necklace. This style of bail is available in a vast array of sizes, styles and finishes, as are bails in general. Many bails require an epoxy to hold the pendant in place, but the advantage to this style is that just nz pandora about any item with at least one flat surface can be used as a pendant. Some cheap pandora charms on sale feature a decorative embellishment such as a leaf shape on both the front and back and fold down over the top of the pendant, while others have a more plain metal portion that hides behind the back of the pendant with nothing but a loop visible above the pendant. A strong epoxy designed for jewelry attaches these styles of bails. Bell caps work pandora store in similar fashion, folding down pandora store locator over the top of a pendant that may not be flat, such as a gemstone.

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