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Pandora Gold Plating Screw Thread Cave Quatrefoil Pink Murano Glass Bead stock clearance sale

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How 'Go Set a Watchman' May Impact the Literary Hero's Image Video to something else, a milestone in race relations this week, that confederate flag in south Carolina came down from the statehouse.

At the same time, you just heard my segment on this new Harper lee novel, pandora necklaces silver cokie Roberts, you have lived through this. That's right. What do pandora charms stores you think people are going to take away from it all? I think the book seeing that flag come down is quite a moment. I'm such a geek I watched the whole debate in the south Carolina house. It was really something. The emotions on both sides were really quite high. I had ancestors who fought in the confederate army. I know this life very well. But it was it was a moment that pandora o charm the country really needed to have happen. To have that flag come down. But the book is another story, because the book is truth, I mean, I think this her real book, an editor, whomever said, you know, America don't want to read this book right now, it's too raw. I lived that, too. I would go home from high school in Louisiana, and see members of my family, not my parents who were great civil rights activists, but the others, you know, saying things that were just shocking to me. And it's very, very hard. I just want to something about the flag coming down, I'm a southerner, my whole family is from the south. I remember my father, very strong guy, we would drive around, when we would purchase pandora charms see that confederate flag on the back of the truck he would get tense. I know the power of that symbol to intimidate people. When that flag came down, lot of tears came down. I was very proud of governor Haley. Good for the flag coming down. Now for the book is that, I hate to see heroes destroyed. It's a fictional hero in "To kill a mockingbird." But nonetheless, it's a hero destroyed. However, I think the new book, you know, puts a topic on the table that we forever be discussing. We need to be discussing it in good faith, with good heart and good mind. Having read it, I don't think it destroys Atticus finch, I think it deepens him. Heroes are complicated. And this is a fictional one, too. As somebody currently in process of Reading "To kill a mockingbird." I'm in the middle of Reading it. I was surprised to see this sort of reaction on social media. My reaction, this would be like if harry potter, a different book, where hermines is hanging out with the death eaters. This is more representative of the time. Absolutely. The movie was even more part of our culture than the book.

That's right. And in the movie, Gregory peck is fabulous, first of all, but secondly, he is Atticus finch as a no complicated hero. That's the last word ext1 italics This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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