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    Pandora Necklaces Pandora Charms official clearance

Pandora Necklaces Pandora Charms official clearance


How to Add Music to an iPod Without iTunes Set what is a pandora bracelet up your iPod to act as an external hard drive.

Select the iPod on the iTunes source list after connecting the iPod to your computer. Open the iPod preferences window by clicking pandora bead necklace the "Options" button in the iTunes window and click the "Enable disk use" option. Install Floola by dragging the application to the iPod pandora charm braclet and running the application from your iPod. That is all it takes, and if you want to uninstall, simply delete the application. Add music by opening Floola off of your family pandora charm iPod, clicking on the "Item" menu and selecting "Add." You can now drag music from your computer into the box that opens and click "Add" to copy your music to your iPod. You can also expand the "Advanced" options to choose what playlist your song is copied into.

Close Floola, eject your iPod and listen to your music. Be sure you eject your iPod before you disconnect it from your computer. You can hold "Shift" when you close Floola to automatically eject your iPod.

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