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    Pandora Silver Plating Screw Thread Cut-Flower Red Murano Glass Bead sales

Pandora Silver Plating Screw Thread Cut-Flower Red Murano Glass Bead sales

Top grade cupronickel Silver plating screw thread full Core murano glass pandora bead,blue base purple cut-flower.bead size:6-8*13-14mm,hole:4mm.

Lampwork glass
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Hear the 911 Call From a Trailer Owner Looking for Shelter From a Tornado Video We turn next here to the severe weather, on alert for heavy rain and strong winds from Kentucky to the Carolinas at this hour.

The worst of them, this ef 4 tornado that hit Oklahoma. We showed you the pictures, those swirling winds. Up to 175 miles an hour. That was incredible. Tonight here, for the first time, we're now hearing the 911 calls during that tornado. Here's ABC's kayna Whitworth. Reporter: Tonight, Oklahoma residents cleaning up after more damaging storms. You see that? Took a house. Oh, no. Reporter: This, as we hear the desperate calls for help after the nan pandora charm most powerful tornado of the year touched down near wynnewood. Tornado's right at our window! Ma'am ma'am. Take shelter in the lowest part of your house. Reporter: The woman telling dispatch she lives in a trailer with no tornado shelter. We're out in the barn. There's an old barn that has been out here for like 30 years. Okay. Then you just need whitehall jewelers to hunker down right now. This tornado, a violent pandora necklaces and pendants tornado, gets even closer and closer to wynnewood. Reporter: Another caller fearing the worst at a home that was hit. There is a girl that was places that sell pandora bracelets in that house and I'm afraid she's trapped. We cannot get ahold of her. Reporter: We tracked the dangerous storm into the night. We've already seen two tornadoes touchdown, so, it's already been an active day. Twisters killing two people that evening. It looks like a lawn mower went through here. Reporter: Residents now bracing for the next round.

Kayna Whitworth, ABC news. Kayna, thank you. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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