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    Pandora Silver and Zirconia Day Dream Charm 790548CZ sale online

Pandora Silver and Zirconia Day Dream Charm 790548CZ sale online

The engraved Pandora Silver and Zirconia Day Dream Charm is a shiny addition to any Pandora collection. Crafted from sterling silver, the scroll swirl design of the bead is beautifully hand finished. Clear cubic zirconia stones are scattered around the charm, sparkling amidst the line detail patt...

How to Create Your Own Thanator Skull I am a huge fan of James Cameron's Avatar and a cosplayer.

This is what happens when the two are mixed. My favorite animal in the movie is the thanator, a massive cat like creature that is feared by human and Na'vi alike. I was going to a showing of Toruk: The First Flight by Cirque du Soleil and I decided to build a skull that I could wear on my head for the show. I love how it turned it out and wanted to share my methods with others. EVA foamHot glue gunI am a collector of all things natural and, fortunately, I happen to pandora beads on sale have a cow skull that I found. This made a perfect base for the thanator skull, but I am sure that most people do not have anything like this lying around in their houses. If you don't have pandora watch bracelet a skull to use for a base, making one out of paper mache should work in a pinch. I do have other skulls in my collection, but I chose the cow for several reasons. The size and length of the cow skull made it a wonderful base for my thanator. I took a large sheet of worbla and used my heating tool to shape and stretch it over the skull. Doing it this way I discovered that the worbla tore, stretched and bunched up in odd places. I took off the excess material where this happened. Then I cut off the worbla for the eye openings and along the lower edges. For the bottom edges, be sure to straighten and flare them out. This will give you a good, flat surface to attach the teeth. Once I had finished molding the large sheet of worbla, I used some scrap pieces to fill in any holes and close any gaps that I had made. Once the shape was completed I carefully pulled and prodded the worbla of off the cow skull. It took a few minutes to do that, but there was no damage to either skull. Since the vast majority of creatures on Pandora (the alien moon from Avatar) have two sets of eyes, I decided mine had to have that too. Using my x acto knife I carefully cut out a second set of eyes behind the primary set. I had to do this after I removed the worbla because I didn't want to damage the cow skull or my knife. Now that the basic skull has been made, it's time to make the teeth. Using a lot of reference pictures and an action figure I have, I made two rows of teeth (one per side) and four large teeth for the front. I cut out the outlines for the teeth from a foam floor mat with an x acto knife. With my dremel, I shaped and smoothed out the teeth. Once I had the desired shape, I used wonderflex to cover the teeth to give them an even smoother and more symmetrical look. After the teeth were shaped and covered in wonderflex, I attached them to the skull with hot glue. Step 4: If You Got It, Flare It! The last major undertakings for the thanator skull were the head extensions/sensory receptors that flare out from the back of the head. Again, using my reference photos and figure I was able to determine the specific shapes and sizes of the extensions. I thought about using foam for a base, but decided against it because cheapest place to buy pandora charms I wanted the skull to be as light as possible. I drew the outlines on to wonderflex and then cut them out using my x acto knife. Once I did that, I used my knife again to cut very thin openings in pandora jewelry charm bracelets the back of the skull. I then slid the extensions into them and stepped back to see how it looked. It didn't look good; the extensions were flopping everywhere and it looked nothing like a thanator. I pulled them back out and realized that I could use very thin, round dowels to give them some shape without adding a lot of weight.

I bought a half dozen of the smallest dowels I could find and measured them for the extensions. Using my heating tool, I gently wrapped the wonderflex around the dowels and made the ends rounded so they wouldn't be sharp and pointed. I made sure to leave the proximal edge of each extension flat because that was where I was going to attach them to the skull.

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