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Hosts Discuss Democratic Sit I sense that I am defiant Democrats to go the house floor to demand down reform Georgia congressman the amazing John Lewis lettuce and it.

And that lasted until we say this morning saying enough is enough take a look. Coming up. I'm the memo while. I'll speak to ship me of the grave. Before cost pandora bracelet we do something. We were elected to lead this a speaker. We must pay hikes. And not to show likes. We cannot continue to stick our heads to understand. And improve their reality to a man's gun violence in animation. So over a hundred Democrats join it live streaming themselves up to C span cameras were turned off. I mean the fact that he's. Let mrs. and it incredible thing he was one of the pioneers of the civil rights actions so it was it wonderful to see him and so do you think. People it just saying. We and we got to do some because so we're elected to lead can't be tail lights got to be. And thus is a desperate mom agitated in terms of the Democrats they cannot get than anything. Going to end gun legislation so they have to do this this is what they're doing now. The taking things that we did in the sixties and seventies are they using them today city kids love it. I you know I plot them because obviously nothing happened but what I don't like is that it's being politicized because we can't forget it. Six and it this is being politicize it us vs them that the Republicans vs the Democrats let's not forget. I'm Monday there were for measures to Republican and two democratic. Gun control measures the Republican measures were sensible some of the democratic measures are sensible and basically they voted along party lines there were a couple of senators. That really broke party lines but you know if you really want something done you can't dig your heels and nobody's willing to compromise the senate still trading nailed it's on the floor right now and she's bipartisan bill and she's a Republican and satellite or that's not going anywhere I bet nobody is being endorsed by Harry Lee and I applaud Harry Reid because he's taking a bold step on his view is. A it's it is lacking a chunk of votes and the prophet like X every one is going online look at that the bills you were speaking up in the senate. The two republic members the two Democrats in both parties even though right now. The Democrats are doing dissident I was a little frustrated as I looked at the breakdown of who voted for what. And as someone that standing here in the public seeing just something just do something. They all stuck to their own party there were just a few if you got a set you know there was a guy. Joseph Donnelly from Indiana that voted yes to all of them he was lighten. Whatever you're gonna do just do it I thought there's only one among them that would on the cross alumni and a lot of sense because I think the Republicans set the tone over the past eight years they've been so strippers they won't let anything passed since they've controlled. An and I think that's why you're not seeing the Democrats to give anything I think it's too easy to say well. The Republicans had they sound and well if I thought if I turned into play in yeah I had with this late date I'm lot of Republicans. Our are playing games and the Republicans really set the tone of the. Bottom line but it I don't care who had a playground and Sarah panel was up there as vice president Bentley was stoic as somebody does one thing doesn't he do that every act with the same in agreement here and I think I know but here enjoy. Our enjoy say Sarah Palin in hearing Sonny say the tone was set. Either Republicans it's still frustrating if they say here because there's got to be a point where we say. All of this stuff is happening all these mass shootings let's start clean no pointing fingers. And let's move somewhere I don't care attitude in check isn't backed them up to the voters because let's face it this city it is not gonna change anything but what it may change is the voters' minds because this is really about the down ticket this is not not necessarily about the presidential election this is discount pandora charms not about us you know well this is about from now this is about. The people who made a change in the first place. Looking while. In 2000 what was how to accidentally yeah okay maybe president so it is you know stay but the Supreme Court today it's yet yet. It is up to the Supreme Court. To. Change. What they changed the okay they decided that. Their gun laws were not just okay the way they weren't the weight that everybody so that in this is how what was written. Scalia went in and we interpreted. What it was supposed to be and now suddenly everybody now mama can going to get whatever they want and everybody feels like this wasn't able have does no matter what. That's not hottest wives read the constitution. Ramey that he knew he. Read it the way he wanted to read it and eat he moved it and it I think I've very bad direction. I'm not saying anything bad about it means not with us anymore but I just want to be clear anybody knows I'm that it's is not about Scalia this is about the Supreme Court. Doing what they need to do to take care this to put back there the only ones about who should be very interesting because you're right at the second the Supreme Court in 2004 at a DC case. Decided that individuals have the right to bear arms yet Second Amendment that's the first time that that ever happened ever so. It's going to be very important because there's a vacancy on the Supreme Court and so if Hillary Clinton let's say gets the election or is elected president. People are saying that she will more than likely vote. Are our recommends them for the Supreme Court that's pretty to the left let me I was going to watch the camp that what why can't they just sitting at why can't I just. Make the shift now why can't they boat now there is enough of them. And I just feel like. That's it article on here say it cop well listen you know eight years and the guy gets elected Obama gets elected the day after he's elected there's so we're not at that. Mitch McConnell. Says we're not to do anything to help this president nothing and he said that lab that was chopped up front it I think they're handling. Yeah. Yeah straight of these facts racing and I like. Democrats did the same thing though with that a Supreme Court nominee. Right before this but they didn't do this of course. Cross the. Global war yet gone out this house Mitch McConnell said we are not doing anything. And he sat into CN and we not doing anything. To help this president is that nothing is goes to make a bomber one term president and then pandora for sale online when that you know and then ask him work out what. Now I hear about when he ran everybody is out now it's dot and it's going to be and the other that level who was dragged him I was and and it rocked. Mitt run all he's in. Obama just give us a charm necklace pandora case is done. And everybody was like has done it's what we woke up the next today Obama was still president and their papers. I don't write that the Supreme Court will go left little Hillary's I could even Clarence Thomas. There are rumblings that he might seem like I have many out there might be three openings that's what really scare you imagine if not why can't we do why can't they fix this now. Now as this thing and they then I'm. And then tropical put three conservative but that might get a Supreme Court six right now. And yes emitting an organic without asking why not I just why won't the Supreme Court. Say listen it. This who misinterpreted what they loaded snickering I think that chump. Partly because they only have four in and our ability. So it's time as it just gets remanded down to the lower court Mike into legal learn you know I love again and meeting here that we shell locking. Yeah. Explore for its as a fourth attack that might be good if it Susan Collins in the west that Hillary's vice presidential candidate. I'm putting that out there.

Susan Collins the vice president I don't know how it went in for a Republican ever gonna happen would be nice that would bring our country not that they are they say our daily net wanna be a black president. And look we got what so anything is possible in the United States of America. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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