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High School Softball Coach Dismissed for Using Students to Find Dates Video hour with the girls high school softball coach in trouble for sending his players out to find him dates.

The coach is accused of using the team to help him meet women and abc's ty hernandez is here. Accused of making a game out of it for his young teammates but it backfired when the potential love match they found for their coach decided she wasn't going to play along. It seemed innocent enough to cat aguard at first. She was doing her job at a sporting goods store when high school girls came in. They were all just kind of laughing and being loud and ask the me if they could get my phone number and take a picture of me for their coach. Reporter: What aagard didn't know coach 25 year old troy henim had sent the girls himself on a so called scavenge injure hunt to find where can you get pandora charms him dates. I'll help him out and it didn't really cross my mind what they had asked me. Reporter: Aagard shared these text messages with abc news which she says are from him. Right away he fesses up to use his players to help with the game. pandora charms sale australia Right, genius, great way to meet a girl, use my girls, lol. I was a little flattered by the attention, but I was unsure. Reporter: Aagard carried on the conversation for over an hour at one point asking about work, quote, what do you teach? He answered special education earning some praise from aagard who said ooo, caregiver, nice. He pandora bracelet accessories was definitely coming on strong. Reporter: At one point she compliments this photo saying, mmm, is that muscles I see? But then a change of heart. This message, go read your bible if you're a creeper. So what happened next? Aagard says a quick internet search led him to local stories about departure from a coaching position at another pandora bracelet charms sale school in lake washington. Reporter: They reportedly found no cause to discipline hennim for disciplining a student in 2012. By the next season he was no longer on staff. Aagard says after learning this she reported him to roosevelt high school's principal and seattle public schools confirmed that's when the softball coach just six days into his job was placed on unpaid leave.

He has not responded to numerous phone calls and e mates "but the seattle times" says he resigned his position with roosevelt high. Creepy story, all right, thank you. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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