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    Pandora Silver and Prehnite Bubble Band Ring 190244PR sale discount

Pandora Silver and Prehnite Bubble Band Ring 190244PR sale discount

Invest in the perfect Pandora Silver and Prehnite Bubble Band Ring! Discover luxury with this ravishing ring!

Crafted from sterling silver.
Green prehnite stone.
Part of the Stories collection.


Inside the New Landscape of Dating Video First we are pandora beads outlet counting down to Valentine's day and about to launch our big ten dates, ten states experiment.

Are single and looking for love. An inside look at the way so many are fining love today online. A $2 billion industry and then we have secrets to help you score that second date. I've used tinder. Badoo. One third of couples getting married meet online. One of the hottest apps, hinge. Hinge introduces you to friends of friends on Facebook and the types of people you'd meet at a house party or wedding or dinner but we happen to meet them together. Reporter: 23 year old ABC news producer Erica Scott is undertaking ten dates in ten states in just ten days. Dr. 59% of them think that they might begin to fall in love on the second date and pandora charms and bracelets that's smart. Reporter: But bizarrely the most likely predictor sushi boosting your chances by 170%. The simple reason it's unusual says they're willing to try something different, new, interesting and maybe even try you too. Reporter: Erica's crash course in the modern state of the first date stars today. Ice skating in New York with date number one, josh. Flirting with jet lag date number two pandora bracelet is tomorrow in Honolulu, from there she dates her way back to times square skiing in Colorado, two stepping in Texas and cooking in Chicago all in time for Valentine's day. All right. And our very brave ABC producer Erica Scott joins us now. Bags are packed. Bags are all packed. Why did you agree to take on this very grueling and interesting assignment? Yeah, it's definitely going to be an adventure for sure. You know, I'm kind of new to the dating scene and I thought, it sounded like a little bit of fun and I'm excited to just see what will happen. I mean I'm going to Hawaii today. You can't fight that. Touche. Any concerns though? Mostly like missing a flight. The whole thing will unravel if we get off schedule. It's that tight? Yes. Is there a strategy for maximizing your time in each state. Having everything planned out, all the dates are set and ready to go. Hopefully I don't get stood up. In fact, speak of that you actually have your first date just around the corner from here. Like ten minutes from now I'm going over to Bryant park. Can we follow you. Yeah, please, come along with. There's josh. There he is. Waiting for you right now, Erica. I haven't met him yet. I shouldn't look. His name is josh. Yes, his name is josh. And he knows the cameras will be following him. I don't know why anybody would agree to it. He's cute. Look at him. He's 23 in finance, likes hip hop music and cooking, long walks on the beach and rainbows. Perfect. Do you have any expectations heading into this, Erica? Expectation, just have a lot of fun. Oh, my gosh, it sounds like a really good time but, no, just see where everything goes. All right, all right. We are looking forward to you pandora charms uk you probably ought to leave now because he's waiting for you. Don't want to stand him up.

We'll check back in with you in a bit. I'll do my best. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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